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Wow do I have a treat for you today.
She is the perfect singer/songwriter with deep mountain roots, folk, a splash of the blues, and rock. Her name is Jordyn Pepper and she is really something else. Currently residing in Nashville she is originally from Monte Vista, Colorado, where she grew up in a small town on a potato and barley farm.

She is currently working on a new album. Can’t wait.
I don’t know if I can express just how great Jordyn Pepper is, so I’ll just let her demonstrate it her own self with her wonderful pipes.

Did I mention she is beyond cute, breathtaking in fact.

OK, let’s get to the music.

To start of a wonderful evocative video of the civil war era. And Jordyn Pepper sings her beautiful if brutal song. But them was brutal times for sure. A great Appalachian feel to it. I just love this song.

PCG Nashville Records
Executive Producer: Bernard Porter for PCG Nashville
Directed by: Michael and Krista Branch – Soundmind Productions
Record Produced by Britton Cameron
Written by Jordyn Pepper & Michael Marcum


Now here’s the beautiful Jordyn with a Luke Bryan cover.
I much prefer her version, sorry Luke. Maybe she believes it a bit more. I’m just lovin’ everything this girl does.
Muckalee Creek Water

? Gloria Garton

Here Jordyn provides us with a little background, maybe a little too much.  I’m so amazed this young lady is not a country superstar. This one really rocks out, I would love to hear it with a band.
Dirt Roads & Rock ‘N’ Roll

This song is Written by Jordyn Pepper and Britton Cameron

? Gloria Garton


Finally today check out Jordyn Pepper’s Fort Granger Take Away Show. They are all enjoying their selves in the beautiful scenery and that wonderful Tennessee sunshine. There is no song title provided so I’m gonna have to guess.
Back to my Roots

Film: Natalie Simmons & Jake Biggers
Edit: Natalie Simmons


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