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Krystie Steve

Krystie Steve 1

This is just part of my review of Krystie Steve aka Tiger K three years ago.
‘The first time I heard Tiger K singing was her amazing cover of the really cool Script song. My immediate reaction was “awesomeness personified”, now some many listens later my reaction is still “awesomeness personified”.

Tiger K is just totally amazing, great looks, wonderful voice, tremendous persona. She just has everything wrapped up in one awesome bundle.

Tiger hails from Sydney, Australia and she is a Singer/Songwriter of RnB, Soul, Pop. Funk and Hip Hop. And she is just too damn good to just be the tops on the Sydney scene.’

And I still think that all that applies but I won’t link back to the post since all the videos and Soundcloud links are dead. Well I thought I would check up and see what’s she’s up to these days.

She’s winding up a world tour that included 6 states in the USA, Norway, the UK and now I hear she’s in Paris. It’s like my life in reverse, I’m in the USA and before that I lived in Norway and prior to that I was from the UK. And I have visited Paris. I’m so happy that Krystie is taking in the world. Or maybe it’s taking over the world?

And she has a powerful new single she recently released. You can buy it at Bandcamp. Why buy it there?

Krystie Steve will donate a portion of every sale to Reach Out who provide services in the community that reduce individual and social harms by:
– addressing addictive behaviours
– advocating and supporting healthy lifestyles
– building individual and community capacity.
Contact Reach Out

So here’s the song, and needless to say Krystie still has an amazing voice. Magnifique.

Producer: Philippe Anquetil
Co-writers: Krystie Steve, Philipe Anquetil, Reee Szabo, Kyrah Cilia, Emily Hanks
Video: Kyrah Cilia

Krystie Steve 3

You know what song I would have picked if anyone had asked me which song Krystie should cover, well it would have to be “Stay” by Rihanna.
And great joy, here it is. And it is as amazing as I would have suspected. Just an absolutely stunning beautiful performance.
And the video is too sexy for words.

Instrumental Credit: Dudelstudio
Video Credit: Bryce Hooper

Krystie Steve 4

Next up another beautiful original song. A soulful ballad that evolves into a higher octane rocker, and back again. A very simple understated video in dramatic black and white.

Written By: Krystie Steve and Michael Tan
Sydney, Australia

Krystie Steve 6

A very different Hotel California, no guitars instead a simple piano. What Krystie does with this classic is beautiful and poignant.
Hotel California

Keys: Seth Harsh
Recording/Video: Mainstreet Studios Sydney

Krystie Steve 5