Jordan Corey


Meet Jordan Corey, she is a beautiful singer/songwriter/musician who originally hails from the San Francisco Bay area, lovely area.
She is a leading proponent of future soul.
Equiped with a beautiful voice and piano skills this young lady should be going far.

Currently in Venice, LA living the beach life maybe. In between gigs of course. Look out for Jordan in the LA area.

But let’s get to the music, and brilliant music it is.

First up a very interesting video for a beautiful song. I really love her voice, different from the run of the mill. Totally unique, I have to hear more of this young lady.

Director: Jeff Leeds Cohn
Producer: Jordan Corey
DP: Nate Gold
Production Design: Alex Miskei


This is one of my favorite Jordan Corey songs, so far. This is the first one of her tracks I heard on Soundcloud. This just has so much going for it, and her voice is absolutely captivating.
It is audio only, sorry no video.

Official remix for “Float,” off the album “All That” by Jordan Corey


Now this is amazing, sort of a retro look to the video. The music also has a retro touch, a bit of a Johnny Staccato meets Duane Eddy vibe.
Really damn cool. I am totally digging this one.
Hold Me Under


Well, if you are gonna cover someone who better than Mick Jagger and Keith Richards the Glimmer twins. This is an awesome take on an iconic Stones song, performed live at Sonora Recorders.
Great arrangement, really tight band behind her and miss Jordan just kicks it. This is one very talented young lady.
Miss You


You have to admire someone who covers an original, and sticks to the original lyrics not the sanitized PC versions that everyone else does. Even Cee Lo. A very different and unique arrangement.
Lovin’ it.
Fuck You


Finally today, back to that first song, here’s Jordan Corey performing “Focus” at Sofar Los Angeles on March 26th, 2016.
I love to hear the live versions of great tunes just to prove the video didn’t lie about the talent. Shades of Amy, and that’s a great thing.


Filmed by: Holly Rusk, Farrah Su & Triffin Constantine
Edited by: Nancy Cárdenas
Audio by: Mateo Barragan