An amazing band with a unique singer and even better, a new album that is just bad to the bone.  Meet DRÆMINGS and let them make your dreams. The new album is “The Eternal Lonesome”.

DRÆMINGS spent her early years reading dark fairy tales while listening to a warped cassette tape of Ace of Base’s The Sign on repeat.

At 17, she ran away to San Francisco, where she was adopted by a gang of drag queens and street urchins. She embarked on a strange, magical adventure which included a short stint as a gangster rapper, an incubation period in India, and a heart-break fueled weekend that resulted in her writing 5 songs that would comprise her demo, and the birth of DRÆMINGS.

Anyway let’s get to the music, and what superb music it is.

This song is so good on so many levels. It is totally current yet has an 80’s feel to it. Fantastic vocals and awesome backing. A great single from a brilliant album.
Like A Ghost


? @_jeanfrancoiscampos

Here is the opening track from their awesome album, this is a live version from the CBGB stage at YouTube Studios.
And you better believe it, its damned amazing.
The band really rocks, very tight.
Battle Mountain


Just found this really dreamy cool cover of Scott McKenzie’s classic, and had to share it.
San Francisco


OK, final one for today. A great re-mix of Battle Mountain. This truly soars.

Battle Mountain [Weatherhouse Remix]


No wait, I just found this, an “unofficial” video which was shot by Mackenzie Madison and edited by DRÆMINGS.

“It’s a little montage of my time in NY, most of which was spent sick as a dog, laying in bed, or hanging out at random art/photo studios… it was lovely.”

It’s a really cool video and a brilliant track, shimmering guitars, perfect shoegaze.