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An amazing band with a unique singer and even better, a new album that is just bad to the bone.  Meet DRÆMINGS and let them make your dreams. The new album is “The Eternal Lonesome”.

DRÆMINGS spent her early years reading dark fairy tales while listening to a warped cassette tape of Ace of Base’s The Sign on repeat.

At 17, she ran away to San Francisco, where she was adopted by a gang of drag queens and street urchins. She embarked on a strange, magical adventure which included a short stint as a gangster rapper, an incubation period in India, and a heart-break fueled weekend that resulted in her writing 5 songs that would comprise her demo, and the birth of DRÆMINGS.

Anyway let’s get to the music, and what superb music it is.

This song is so good on so many levels. It is totally current yet has an 80’s feel to it. Fantastic vocals and awesome backing. A great single from a brilliant album.
Like A Ghost


? @_jeanfrancoiscampos

Here is the opening track from their awesome album, this is a live version from the CBGB stage at YouTube Studios.
And you better believe it, its damned amazing.
The band really rocks, very tight.
Battle Mountain


Just found this really dreamy cool cover of Scott McKenzie’s classic, and had to share it.
San Francisco


OK, final one for today. A great re-mix of Battle Mountain. This truly soars.

Battle Mountain [Weatherhouse Remix]


No wait, I just found this, an “unofficial” video which was shot by Mackenzie Madison and edited by DRÆMINGS.

“It’s a little montage of my time in NY, most of which was spent sick as a dog, laying in bed, or hanging out at random art/photo studios… it was lovely.”

It’s a really cool video and a brilliant track, shimmering guitars, perfect shoegaze.




Wallis Bird


It’s been a while, but I see that the lovely Wallis Bird has a new album coming out, and she has released a couple of videos of tracks from the album.

If these two are any indication of the strength of the new album, it is going to be amazing.

The album will be available in 180g golden vinyl in a Gatefold for all of you audiophiles out there.

Wallis Bird hails from Enniscorthy, County Wexford, Republic of Ireland but resides nowadays in Germany.

Wallis was featured on the old Bearly Rambling and there is more music as well as more background on Wallis . The link can be found here. As always please ignore the “Content Warning” inexplicably plastered on there by Blogger.

OK, so let’s get to the music.

Will you listen to this, just a moment and you are hooked.
So smooth, so raw, so powerful. This is her latest release, and it is bloody marvelous. The track is from her forthcoming album, Home, due to drop 30th September.
Unusual video, very cool.

Written by: Wallis Bird
Produced by: Wallis Bird & Marcus Wuest
Actors: Lea Enkhardt, Stanislas Dulong
directed by Julian Lausen
Camera: Alexander Pauckner

? Vittorio Maggiorotto‎

This is the title track from the new album, and such a simple and beautiful song it is. Sung acapella it is a little gem, and look at the love in her eyes.

Director: Julian Lausen
Camera & Lights: Felix Kehala Mai & Joseph Strauch
Editing: Julian Fritz Jakelski
Production: Lerke Müller
A special thanks to Philipp Kaessbohrer, Matthias Murmann and the whole Btf for making things happen!

? Christoph Thorwartl

A totally uninhibited performance at the Lakewood Sessions, this is intense. You have to wonder what the guitar did to her. Wow!

Shiver me timbers

Gonna leave you with another one of her amazing performances. This session is just pure power and talent. This time Wallis Bird and her infamous Band play a mind-blowing live set at the Deeper Down Studio in Munich. The Songs “Holding A Light”, “I Can Be Your Man (5:21)”, “Hardly Hardly (8:38)” and “Daze (12:26)” are taken off Wallis Birds album “Architect”.
Deeper Down Studio Session ~ Full Performance

Filmed and edited by Hauskonzerte.com
Recorded by Peter Pazmandi,
Mixed by Provo

? Jens Oellermann