Catself by Aki Roukala 2
? Aki Roukala

If you visited the old blog you will be familiar with the beautiful Catself, and if you were not then the links are at the bottom of this post.

So I figured it was time for a catch up with old friends.

I found out yesterday that the wonderful Catself has just recorded (and released) a terrific new song.
You just need one listen to understand why I am such a fan of Catself.


Music and lyrics by Catself. Recorded live by Catself at the studio of TalentCast Radio in Groningen, The Netherlands.


So I searched around to see what else this young lady has been up to.
And I found this a very evocative piece, you can almost feel yourself hitch hiking in Spain, or California, or even Albania albeit with Charlie Chaplin in tandem.
A wonderful performance with Catself at the Oord Festival 2016, Emmeloord in the Netherlands last month.

 Catself at the Oord Festival



Catself by Aki Roukala 1
? Aki Roukala




? Christer Holm



? Marta Brassart-Siemienczyk  ~ Outside the Macbeth, Hoxton

As mentioned above, the links to the old blog.
As always my disclaimer, please ignore the “Content Warning” that Blogger inexplicably added. There is nothing untoward in there, but they still have not removed it.
Catself featured in November 2011, October 2015 and November 2015. Nice to have got a summer edition this time.

Catself - Little







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  1. “Little” by Catself is a awesome and beautiful song in lyrics, instrumentals, and her voice is awesome, impeccable, crystal clear and most beautiful. Awesome song for sure <3

    1. Thanks John, you are definitely a man of impeccable taste. Catself is truly an awesome talent.

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