Nick Tann


Time for another peek at Nick Tann to see what he’s been up to.
He was pretty much a regular on the old blog, links below.
In case this is your first intro to Nick a little background.
He was born in Paddington, so that makes him officially a Londoner, and that is an honor only bestowed on the lucky people who were born in London (the center of the universe).
He picked up his first instrument at age 3 and started on the bass at 13, which was about the age my musical aspirations disappeared when my brother sat on my five string guitar.

This next bit I nicked from Nick’s bio, just to get a feel of him.

After playing bass with a succession of bands on the London circuit throughout the 1990s, Nick emigrated to Australia for a different lifestyle and a break from the UK music scene. Returning to London a few years later Nick immediately hooked up with old musician friends Dave Miles and Paul Harris and started writing songs and playing guitar again – this time the acoustic. This sparked a creative period, and a busy gigging schedule for the trio – and later Nick’s nine-piece funk-soul band People – leading to renewed fame on the London circuit.

So now you know he’s been about a bit.

Anyway, let’s get to the music.

This video is my recent find and it lead me to this post.
Audience participation with clicks or claps is tough.
Have you ever watched The Voice or Idol, they always have a major FAIL. But Nick tries to get them going for him, and almost succeeds. But all in all this is a very cool version of one of his hits performed live at a Sofar Winchester.
Sadder Than Sad

Filmed & Edited by: Taylor Harvey
Audio by: Ryan & Kieran Snell


Nick generally performs his own compositions, but sometimes will cover another artist. And what better an artist than Leonard Cohen. Nick does a really pleasant version with a totally cool vibe going for it. Actually I have to admit to goose bumps.
Great cover Nick.


Gonna finish up today with a different version of one of my favorite Nick Tann songs, this live at The Railway, Winchester a few years back. By the way, if you don’t have a copy of his album “3 am” then you are missing out. One of the gems of recent years.


As always, please ignore the “Content Warning”, there’s no smut there. And one day Blogger will finally get their finger out and remove it from the blog. So here’s Nick over the years, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

And the strange thing going back through these, he doesn’t age. He’s like Dick Clark and Cliff Richard or maybe he’s Dorian Gray!!