I love when the whole cosmos comes together to lead you to someone or something you want to find, you just didn’t know it yet.

A friend asked me if I had heard Flume, as his kids down in the antipodes listen to him all the time. Now I had heard of him, maybe just not heard him.

So I went to the usual place and searched, but I wanted to hear him live, it’s much better that way.

And that’s when I found Kai. And what a find.
So I started to search for some more Kai, and it got tricky because there is this little kid call Kai who did something on the Ellen show and so of course there were a myriad of videos featuring him.

But eventually I found the Kai I was looking for, and surprise she was not an Aussie, but indeed much closer to home, she hails from Canada. Toronto to be precise. Her real name is Alessia De Gasperis Brigante. I’m sure that would be easier to search for, much more unique.

Why was I looking you might ask, because this young lady can flat out sing. And I wanted to hear more of her, as will you once you start on your journey through these videos.

Now this is that first video that connected me to Kai, this was recorded with Flume live at St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival Melbourne.
And when Kia’s voice opens up the chills come along. Awesome.

Never Be Like You


? @thesupermaniak

Next up a terrific song, not much of a video, but you have to listen to this one. It’s got it all, kazoo as well, and once again Kia and her voice will take you there.
I chose me


Here Kai performs an original composition, Hotel Lot, in concert at the intimate Registry Theatre in Kitchener. A very laid back performance. Kai was accompanied by guitarist David Featherstone and percussionist Aubrey Dayle.
Hotel Lot

Cinematographer: Philip Bast
Camera: Panasonic HVX200 (handheld)


Kai singing “Mind” and “Revolution” live (July 11, 2015)
This video shows Kai singing her two features, Mind and Revolution live at Echo Beach during the Toronto stop of the Full Flex Express.
Mind + Revolution


Gonna end with another collaboration, and this one really rocks.
And that sublime voice of miss Kia is superb as always.
“Nick Terranova aka Starkillers is one of the most prolific dance producers of our age. And now he’s back on Spinnin’ to bring you ‘Rampage’, in collaboration with Richard Beynon and Kai.  A wonderful progressive piece, boasting awesome vocals and uplifting chord progressions. Anthem alert!”
Rampage (Original Mix)