Emma Louise


Emma Louise is a 24 year old Australian singer-songwriter.

Emma Louise hails from Cairns but is currently based in Brisbane.
Her new album “Supercry” will be released July 15.
And from the tracks I have heard so far we are in for a treat.

Emma Louise is one very talented young lady, she writes songs that sound way beyond her years. She sings those songs with such a beautiful tone, and with so much feeling.

So let’s get to the music.

First up her most recent video release, a recent live performance in Brisbane of one of the tracks from the new album. A stripped back, laid back version with just her very warm vocals and her acoustic guitar to back it. Just totally beautiful.

West End Kids

‘West End Kids’ is lifted from Emma Louise’s forthcoming album ‘Supercry’.
Filmed and recorded live at The Old Museum, Brisbane. Directed and produced by Jaymis Loveday.

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I think this was the previous release to the one above.
Very different, which is good I would hate to listen to an album where all the tracks were virtually the same. Interesting video.
Why do women always want to talk about it? ☺
Talk Baby Talk

Director – Dylan Duclos
Producer – Morgan Taylor


I almost missed this one, so glad I didn’t. Starting with the very avant-garde video this is one awesome performance/song. This track brings out something special in Emma’s voice.
This is her new single. I will be so surprised if this does not become a massive hit.
Gorgeous!! Sublime!!


Directed & Edited by Dylan Duclos
Produced by Isabella Vitelli





We’ll finish today with this wonderful song that starts of quietly and plaintively, and then the jungle percussion comes in. Just beautiful.

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