La Bionda


I just had to post this one, so I can find it and play it whenever I want to.
Back in the very early eighties I was in Saudi Arabia and I bought a couple of cassettes to play in the car. I think they were about 10 cents each, new.
And one of them was a mix tape with all sorts of stuff on it, and this was the one track that stuck in my brain. I played it constantly. It traveled with me from Saudi to Norway to America. Somewhere in one of my many moves I lost contact with that tape, who knows where.
But then today, while searching for something else I found it.
I’m very happy. I had forgotten the name of the group, so it was hard to find the track. When I said Sandstorm everybody came up with the Darude track. Good but not this good. Hypnotic but not this hypnotic.

La Bionda is an Italian musical duo formed by the brothers Carmelo and Michelangelo La Bionda. They are considered pioneers of the Italo disco music genre. There, I didn’t know that, thanks Wikipedia.



Oh and they have a performance video.  Gotta include that.