Goodnite Neverland

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Goodnite Neverland are a North Virginia based Rock/Americana band.
Their music is full of rich pop melodies with powerful lyrics.
Goodnite Neverland are Jesse Baskin, Sarah Marks, John Krauss and Andy Hamburger.

From their bio:
Goodnite Neverland’s songs are about life, love, loss, and the undeniable feeling that something bigger is at work in the world. Even though we live in a broken world, there is relentless hope. “Through the cracks, I think I see a light” they declare in their song “Poison”. Drawing on their greatest influences like rock legends Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, and Kurt Cobain, Goodnite Neverland’s sound is a blend of elegant pop melodies and raw rock sounds that move the listener whether they’re in the car going to work, or staying up all night watching the stars shoot across the sky.

We’ll start of with a really cool cover of the Don Henley classic, I’ve always liked this song. Still do, great job here.
Boys of Summer

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Here we go with a song that is heavy on jangly guitars, a hard beat and the vocals of Jesse and Sarah.

Lyrics by Jesse Baskin; Music by Jesse Baskin and Sarah Marks
Produced at Cue Recordings with John Krauss
Vocals/guitar — Jesse Baskin
Vocals — Sarah Marks
Bass/guitar — John Krauss
Drums — Andy Hamburger

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Another of their great songs, good harmonies and tune.
Back to Bed

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And finally this awesome cover of one of my favorite songs performed live @ Jammin’ Java just last month.


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For more Creep versions go here and here, please ignore that stupid warning.

I am obsessed by the song, if you were to search the old blog there are 40+ versions of the song on there.

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