Once again I’m smitten, what an amazing voice from Grace.
Grace Sewell hails from Brisbane, Australia.
Not yet 20 she is a very talented singer songwriter who is on the cusp of greatness. Everybody want’s comparisons, I’m not really one for that but I think if you crossed Adele and Duffy then you are close to Grace.

For a bit of background we go to Wikipedia

She grew up listening to musical artists such as Smokey Robinson, Janis Joplin, Shirley Bassey, and Amy Winehouse. Grace comes from a family of musicians. Her grandparents toured with the Bee Gees and the Gibb Brothers. Her brother Conrad Sewell is also a singer, best known for featuring on Kygo’s song “Firestone” and for his solo hit “Start Again”. When “Start Again” hit number one on the ARIA Charts in June 2015, Conrad and Grace became the first Australian born siblings in the history of the charts to hit number one as separate acts.

So let’s get to the music.

This is her latest release, it pays you to check one’s Twitter feed occasionally. I have to agree that Grace truly lives up to the title of this song.
Hell of a girl


Check out Grace’s take on Lesley Gore’s fabulous hit song from 1963.
Very cool update of a classic song. This track was produced by Quincy Jones and featuring G-Eazy. The song, a single from her debut album with Regime Music Societe and RCA Records, was a Spotify “top 10 most viral track” and a number-one hit in Australia.

You Don’t Own Me


I’m loving this track from Grace, dunno about dirty but it sure is gritty. The more I hear this young lady sing the more I love it.
Dirty Harry


Time to clear the pipes, check those notes in the middle of this awesome song. A touch of hip hop with a blend of Whitney. All this live on 95.5, awesome.


Gonna finish with a live and moving performance from The Basement last year. Grace really pours her heart into this one. But then she does that with everything she sings.
Boyfriend Jeans