Corinne Cook

In the mood for some cool country music? Then I have exactly the right young lady for your enjoyment.

Born in Walnut Creek and raised in the Central California towns of Tracy and Escalon, Corinne says she doesn’t “remember a time when I wasn’t singing.” Surrounded by an intensely musical family, she recalls many family jam sessions with her mom on guitar, step dad on bass and brother beating on the chairs (drums) while she sang. Overcoming her initial shyness about singing in front of audiences, she participated in choir from middle school through high school and was selected to sing several solos in high school performances. She later incorporated singing into her sting in the Air Force, which she joined after graduation at 17. She returned home to Tracy after serving four years during the Gulf War.

An emerging contemporary country artist who deeply inhabits the emotions of every song she sings, Nashville based Corinne Cook’s latest release “Dressed Up For Goodbye”, produced by Denny Martin features several songs by The Warren Brothers, Brett and Brad Warren, who have co-written hits for Dierks Bentley, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Martina McBride and Toby Keith .

Dressed Up For Goodbye reflects different experiences from Cook’s life. From the strength and confidence of “Little Miss Understanding” through the vulnerability and heartbreak of the title song and the emotionally powerful “Long Before Goodbye.” Another track that Cook, identifies with is “Turning Off The World,” a high energy pop rock influenced fantasy about the stresses of day to day life. Other key moments on Dressed Up For Goodbye include the mid-tempo ballad “Who,” “He Loves Her Like Crazy,” a  tale hard hittingof domestic abuse; the stark, heartbreaking power ballad “Fall Apart,” the reflective traditional country ballad “Cowboy”; the blues tinged country rocker “Lord Have Mercy,” the high energy romp “Dirty Little Secret” and the passionate piano driven ballad duet “I Don’t” featuring Paul Scott.

I’m digging this little gem of modern-day contemporary country music.

This is the title track, a truly sad and poignant song. You can really believe the situation, listen to the heartbreak in her voice.
Dressed Up For Goodbye


A little bit more upbeat this time, Corinne checking out and chillin’.
Turning off the World


Don’t mess with this young lady or you find your flat screen on the lawn.
Wow! tough game.
Little Miss Understanding