Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs7

Bishop Briggs named for a town in Scotland, Bishopbriggs, long story short.

Her parents are Scottish, even though she was born in London and raised in Japan and Hong Kong before finally ending up in Los Angeles.
She originally started performing under the name Bishop, but then a hard rock band also named Bishop objected and Bishop Briggs was born.
And just to add to the confusion the name Bishop itself was adopted to avoid confusion with a celebrity who shares her real name, nobody knows who other than Bishop Briggs. And she’s not telling.

Whatever name she uses you have to take notice of this young lady. She is such an immense talent. Wow! what a voice. Totally awesome.

This is the first song I heard of hers, and I just had to hear more.
I’m just loving the whole vibe of this track. I can’t get over how powerful her voice is, she is truly amazing.
The Way I Do

Bishop Briggs6

This is a live version of her second released track. She is performing  at The Echo, Los Angeles CA back in March of this year. Once again the voice is amazing and the backing musicians are really tight.

Bishop Briggs5

Apparently this was her first track she released, if this was her first release that really bodes well for the future.
Wild Horses

 Bishop Briggs4

We’re gonna finish with a live set. This is an amazing set from KROQ Weenie Roast-Irvine, CA on May 14, 2016. With a very enthusiastic audience.

Bishop Briggs3