June Caravel

June Caravel is a young lady who hails from Paris, France.
She is a singer/songwriter with a beautiful voice. Her genre is Soul-pop, A Cappella & Rock’n’Roll with a whole heap of jazzyness thrown in.

Did I mention she is cute.

Check out her mini-bio cribbed from her web page.

In a previous life June Caravel was called T-ka, taking inspiration from the forehead mark worn by Hindu Indians (no, not the UK’s favourite spicy dish!). She composed mellow and soul piano tunes and vocals, performed on stages as diverse as Paris, Seoul and New-York, played at renowned festivals such as “Enghien Jazz Festival”, “Solidays”, “Muzik’elles” and even opened for world-class artists such as Maceo Parker, Tower of Power and Malia.

OK, so let’s get to the music. Check out this cool song from her forthcoming crowd sourced album. You can still get in on that.
Girls don’t do that


This is a cute song of London street names, a well made video that made me a little bit homesick because it bathed London in a brilliant light.
London Song


Now we have London by night, a jazzy type of tune that one can groove to.
June is in fine voice on this one.
Midnight City

Gonna end up with a funky little song that just has that fine fine groove. I’m really digging her vibe.
5 in the morning